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Haute Couture like Art is really unique and above criticism

Categories - Fashion

There is much going around in the world of Couture everyday, every hour, Everywhere. Bu...

Posted on: 2023-02-19


Beauty in the renaissance was a powerful weapon of Diplomacy.

Categories - Art

Beauty is a weapon. Said so, it is also true of revolt having romance as its counterpar...

Posted on: 2023-02-20


Hermès offered handsome 4000 Euro in bonus for its employees worldwide.

Categories - Fashion

After raising 6% in salary last year, Hermès, the world's oldest luxury bran...

Posted on: 2023-02-22


The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse - Film that is based on  humanity, empathy and kindness wins BAFTA.

Categories - Cinema

When the Mole asks the boy “What you want to be, when you grow up?” . &ldqu...

Posted on: 2023-02-24


UAE's longest mission to space is launching today, watch it live.

Categories - Culture

For the very first time, Arabs are launching a long duration mission to the internation...

Posted on: 2023-02-27


Ekphrastic writing on 'Moon bow’ from More Guitar Stories by Jim West

Categories - Music

The Grammy Ceremony concluded recently. Ricky Key won his third Grammy in the category ...

Posted on: 2023-03-01


The Influence of Haute Couture on Street Style

Categories - Fashion

Magazines, Streets of Metropolitan and social media are gushing with imagery of street ...

Posted on: 2023-03-02


Good news for the readers who love 'The Prophet' by Khalil Gibran

Categories - Literature

Birth of the Prophet edited by Dalton Hilu Einhorn is published. The book offers the un...

Posted on: 2023-03-03