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Established in 1937 Hermes is the oldest luxury brand in the world. Famous for Hermes Birkin, the Himalayan Birkin is a rare and most desirable bag. This is a sixth generation family run french house. It brings the best artisanship and creative expressions with usability in the handmade bags. Based in France, Hermes is not only available in more than 300 store; but also online. Although widely famous for the birkin bag created in 1984, Hermès has made quality equestrian equipments even before inception of the brand in 1927 and continued to contribute to the beauty of fashion industry with benchmarks of Silk scarf in 1937 and the Kelly bag which was tribute to the princess of Monaco in 1956. Owning a well crafted piece from Hermès is like having a scoop of rich history and the first fashion brand ever.

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