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Why are we fascinated towards fashion?

Posted on: 2021-04-22

Categories - Daily

I have always pondered on this question. Many things in life have come and gone. But fascination toward fashion, especially designs, has stayed for a long time. 

In many ways it has to do with our primal instincts. In a nutshell, we don't need to wear clothes. Some people have even confessed doing so in private.

Then there is the key. We feel the need to wear clothes only while socialising. 

During the stone age, we started to stand erect. There was a need to communicate and connect with other people. For safety for efficient hunting and gathering. This bond is resulted into the tribe, then communities and finally the civilisation as we see it.

Having said that, tribes have to be led. And it has to be led by a strong person. Hence a man who would have worn a skin would have been taken as assertive in authority. More ferocious an animal he might have killed, the more authoritative he would have seen in the eyes of the members of that tribe.

This is implanted in our DNA for ages. No wonders that fashion industry is still largely deviated towards skins and furs