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Times have changed. Have you?

Posted on: 2021-04-22

Categories - Daily

Times have changed. Have you?

It is critical to understand that we draw most of our wisdom from the past. Old scriptures, books have always persuaded us into actions. Mostly because it has aged and tested by the time.

Said so, the test in the book will not change on its own, as the time changes. The great zen monks would die off hunger today. The monks today live only because they have evolved. Adjusted to the new times. Artists of the past were already hungry. But there is a chance that they will live today. If not a life of quality.

I had always pondered on how the old masters would have used the new media today. Guess what, they always had an urge to reach mass. Artist is nothing without an audience. They would be more creative and controversial if enabled with the tools of new media.

Do your magic! Put your neck out and let your voice be heard.There are many ears who are waiting for the roar.