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Skins - Eduardo Casanova (2017)

Posted on: 2021-04-22

Categories - Cinema

This film touches many places inside that were never explored before.


Skins speaks from many different perspectives. As the director - Eduardo Casanova has a unique point of view towards everything. I love the way he looks at things. He seems to have a curious mind, and pink eyes.

Humans are conditioned in such a way that they are not happy with anything any more. The way they look at the things they have stands as testimony. Everybody wants to be someone they are not. So much so that, they don’t care to look in places where they are accepted as they are.


Jon Kortajaren in Skin as Guille


Eduardo Casanova

To understand a film it is very important to understand the creator of the film. Any subject matter, the articulation of the expression is unique to the one who is expressing. I have spent a lot of time watching Eduardo Casanova’s work since I discovered it in 2017 in Jon Kortajarena's status. Once I even got what I asked for. To see India from his perspective. And I did it in his status on Instagram. Moreover every time I saw pink I saw him. Maybe that’s the reason this film lingered for a while now.


I saw Eduardo Casanova many times on the journey to South India.


His style is such a profound impression that it directs the interest of the viewer towards unusual things for a long period of time. He is a fan of David Lynch and in a way Eduardo blows up Lynchian sublime drama to his own taste. Every civilisation has to either destroy the past or build something new OR it has to build something on it to carry forward the underlying thoughts. This is progression. Skins is an antidote to the conflicts of the modern human mind.


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Skins is Available on Netflix.