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Posted on: 2021-04-22

Categories - Daily
Repurpose has become the purpose of the internet. It was alway like this.
Jean-Michel Basqiat painted old masters in his own style. French royalty repurpose old texts with aristocratic flair. And so to say, our ancestors repeated stories of their ancestors. No wonder their descendants are advocating reuse and repurpose. Words, goods, everything.
Interestingly, the internet is a reflection of the modern mind. Everybody likes to be associated with what is famous. Trendy. That has not changed much. But the magnification of the repetition is humongous. How many times have you heard the same song on insta reel. yes that song which gets to your nerves now.
In the midst of this chaos, there are some good storytellers. Storytellers who inspire listeners to share their stories. And that is the perk of being original. You get to create what the world lives. Even better, inspire good in them.