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One point the is crucial in investing in ART and NFT

Posted on: 2021-04-22

Categories - Art

NFT and tokens are the future of the creative industry, and there is no doubt about it. But we also need to understand where the real potential of art investment lies.


Decentralisation is a new medium through which the art, artist and execution of subject will be percolated to the wide audience. But only few will be able to sustain this new wave, as it occurs; only a few percent are on the top. And they are on top only because they understand this.


And the key is, investing in the potential. If something is already famous and expensive you have already missed the train of investing. You are now only associating with it.


Looking at the art industry news world wide; there are some prevalent points that are seen in the market. There are many new collectors, curators who are testing waters in the global market. And there is one key that can help them survive the waves, tides and uncertainty if they want to sustain long term. The key of investing in the potential of the art market and the artists individually. 


To elaborate, With the boom of the NFT market, many collectors and people who are not aware of the art market are entering into Art collection, curation, sales and what not. The whole world seems to have taken the idea of getting rich only by owning a piece of digital art. Rather, owning only a proof that they own a digital art.


But the thing is that, the new buyers are absolutely ignoring the potential of an artist. This potential of investing in art is tested for generations. It has not only survived the progressions, disruptions but also became a medium of expression of the change in our society.


To give you a slight example, social media came in as a medium which was accessible to everyone. Everybody is a content creator today. But only those who have survived, who understand the centric nature of a company, Business and brand.The human nature of being in a good company. The underlying sublime currents of these enterprises are primordial.


If you bank on the true potential of an artist you love, you will always be on the right bank of the deal.