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Marketing and Yakety Yak

Posted on: 2021-04-22

Categories - Daily

Marketing. I laugh out loud hearing to this word now. Upsells down sells. Be everywhere. Be where your audience is. Pyramids, long tails and never ending chases. Yakety Yak!

I was always fascinated towards designs and fashion. Clothes are to the body like thoughts are to the mind. A beautiful mind proliferates beautiful thoughts.

I went into a vortex I guess. Now that my body, mind, speech and wallet has exhausted; I have finally come to reconciliation that I want to be there where my mind is.

I might not even care for reaching more people I reach and how many followers I gain.

I had started this project out of love for reading and creativity. It would rather stay that way.

Out of all the hundreds of book I read about marketing. Only one thing stuck which I state from "This is marketing" by Seth Godin - SHOW UP EVERYDAY.

And this is what I have decided to follow. No more pretentious attempt to create from a place of force. And no more falling free into vortex of "How everyone is doing it?" Apparently, Instagram has stopped working on my phone. This is what they call a miracle I guess. I take this as a sign and move forward into the unknown.

To be frank, I don't know what I am going to write tomorrow. But for today this is what I have written.

See you tomorrow :)




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