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Jewellery Extension of the Mediterranean Beauty and Nature | Maria Rosua

Posted on: 2021-04-22

Categories - Design

A cultural percpective.

There is a saying which goes; “When you go to Rome do as the Romans do.” But it is also true that, “Only Romans can do like Romans do.”

Every culture is different. Due to globalisation and digitalisation we are landing in a space where we see different cultures. The Internet is speaking out the minds of people more than ever.


This offers an opportunity to synthesis, thought process coming together and build something unusual or one which is never done before. This is so true with recent collaboration of H&M and Sabhyasacchi

But there is also a downside to this, as many of the people are trying to voluntarily and involuntarily participate in the cultural exchange. I will not talk about the conflict which we are creating by landing in each other's personal space, and how authoritarian entities are manipulating the chaos to their own advantage.

But instead I am focusing on the challenge individuals are facing while tapping into the different markets. To penetrate into any market for that instance you need to have a deep understanding of the culture you are selling to.


And there is a global epidemic of entrepreneurs from “developed” nations importing cultural values and repackaging them to the taste of the capitalist market.Excotic.


Recently I saw a video of women selling Hatt Yog(हट्ट योग ) in the name of Yoga Exercises. I had a good belly laugh. To start in first place, West really needs to understand the difference between YOG(योग) and YOGA(योगा). YOG is union with the self, of samsara and nirvana, and YOGA are physical exercise to take care of your body. Now this woman was selling HATTA YOG as YOGA, which is done by fearless furious Sadhus and Naga Sadhus (Naked Hermits). This is their way of attending the source.

Irony is such that people in India are also buying into the idea of this Hatt yoga. This is the identity crisis that humankind is facing currently.

Anyways, back to the topic.


María Rosúa

But every now and then, I do come across an artist who draws inspiration not only for the culture, but also from the surrounding. My friend recently shared work of designer - María Rosúa


The jewellery that she creates has nothing to do with India, or the culture I was brought up in. But there was a sense of assimilation at the first glance. Why is it so? That it looks like a forgotten dream and part of something that I know.


It’s the nature of an artist that communicates using his/her surroundings to articulate the designs. And this is the common thread to connect between any artist, designer that showcases and the spectator.


At first glance, María’s jewellery seems deeply rooted in the fertility and natural creativity women have to offer. There was a recall of Venus of the Willendorf, and the fig leaves that bore the shame in classical paintings. The figs, apricots are not only a symbol of abundance but also of the manifestation of a happy society led by abundance. But that is all in the shape of the objects and rawness to inspire this thought.


At a closer introspection after watching it longer. Her work reflects the hues of her natural surroundings. The mediterranean beach of Formentera, and the beige cliffs that are standing against it. The colour which the sky paints in the horizon on the sea, and the way twilights play their magic in the clouds above it.


The architecture of this region is as raw as the sea and cliff of this province. And María designs in a way that nature has inspired to extend this beauty further. It no longer remains the mere accessory, it is an extension.



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Maria Rosua Joyeria

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