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Fashion brand that admires language of joy | Chola the Label

Posted on: 2021-04-22

Categories - Fashion

There are many few designs that are welcoming rather than inviting. Chola appears to be one which welcomes the audience to participate, to join the dance of ecstasy. It is born from the understanding of the nature of creativity. Knowingly, unknowingly. Natural.To which Sohaya truly assimilates as a woman, daughter and mother. As Sohaya plays many roles, there are many dimensions to the clothes that she designs.

The Eastern Connection.

There is saying in Korea which goes “ Art is not made, it is born”. It is very true and goes very well for the designs and contours of Chola The Label. Every collection that has come out since its inception in 2015, Sohaya Misra has created wearable aesthetic art that define the joy of the one who is wearing it. And yet there is signature of her own in the clothes.

Chola the Label not only has a DNA which is constant through out its collections. But also there is sense of Indianness to these clothings. At the first glance it looks zen, but at a deeper contemplation; It almost feels like the wisdom of India once shared with the world, has found its way back to it own land. Returning more experienced, more mature, more refined. Modern.


Celebration of womanhood that crosses boundaries.


Again this is very unique to chola. True joy does not belong to any gender race or person. It is for everyone to be part of and enjoy. There is a fine line between expressing this notion without defining it into positive discrimination. Chola dances on the edge. There is playfulness in wearing these clothes, and it not only reflects in the women, but also with men.

It walks out of the boundaries of gender, like poem flows breaking the barriers of grammar. In a way this is very difficult task to do, as it requires dropping many things on the way. The discriminations, biases and attachments to the cliche over commercialised good deeds.

Chola reminds of the fact that everybody is born out of women. And that is the true source and essence of everybody. Moreover, Chola is one brand that celebrate the life as it is, with its raw beauty. Perfectly Imperfect.


The one extra mile.

Pratik Babar in Chola X Rebook

There are so much layers to the simplicity of this brand, that I won’t even dare to analyse and put in to table. That would disrupt the Beaty in the mysteries of it. But Somehow, Chola also embraces the madness with sanity. It is like peeping into the subconscious and look at it without any judgments. This surrealist dimension of Chola is Freudian. A thought that accept the madness as part of life. Which propels and compel one to do thing that are never done before. And the beauty of Chola lies in the fact that Sohaya brings it out in her own unique fashion. There are many examples of borrowed inspiration from surrealism and staging it. But Chola seems to draw inspiration and present it in way that has never been done before.

Chola is layers of simplicity. So straightforward that it peeps into the inner madness, and so stunningly walks on the edge of black and white.

Reach Chola - By Sohaya

Header image courtesy Siddharth Lalchandani

Post images from Chola Instagram