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Escape in the embrace

Posted on: 2021-04-22

Categories - Daily

Escape in the embrace

We are coming from somewhere and going somewhere. What we decide at the very moment decides how we navigate towards the future.

This can be linked to everyday activities of our life. The walk of life. But in a deeper sense we need to escape the fantasies of our present and escape into the reality of life.

Great decision is made in this embrace. A decision to let go of the present too. Then what is left is the reality. Clarity. Living.

It makes things easier. As the resistance to be something else against the odd demands dissolve. If this resistance is not resolved, we have to come back to it from time to time. Until the situation smacks up again and again. 

To end this vicious circle of circumstances; hit back to your home. Give up the flights to the fansaties. See the reality as it is. Naked.

Solitude will create a silence in you, being with people will push you to the silence. You become silence. 

You no longer share silience from the isolation. You share you silence with the one arround you. Embrace the escape in the embrace.