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Don't bury the dried well, dig it deeper. 

Posted on: 2021-04-22

Categories - Daily

Don't bury the dried well, dig it deeper. 

We often hit the dead rock in life. In a way it makes life more beautiful and jokes about life more profound. It is also true that these jokes about life become more valid when we look back at the disparities in our life.

Why can't we be happy and find our flow even while going through the turbulence? I was pondering upon these questions while on the daily walk. Partly for myself and partly for the friends who are suffering. 

And then I saw a man digging deep into a dried well. 

If you may imagine life being the well and the experience being the water. We crave for the experience more and more. Instead of leaving the well as it is, we dig deep into the drama of everyday life. 

But there is also hope in this drama. We are more addicted to life than anything else.