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What is Live Sub Count ?

Live sub count is a simple tool that helps you track YouTube live subscriber count in realtime. It is easy to use, type in your channel name in the search bar and hit the launch button. Boom you see live sub count of you or your competitors' channel.

YouTube updates the subscriber count every 24 - 48 hours ideal. It may update more frequent on popular and verified channels. Hence medium-sized and smaller, newer YouTube channels may see a lag or frozen subscriber and view counts on YouTube.

Moreover, you can also embed the live sub counter to your website or a blog. Press the embed button on the left-hand side, below the realtime live count number to get your embed iframe code.

How is Live subscriber count calculated?

Google API powers live subscriber count displayed on the live sub count. When you enter your channel name, URL or User ID in the search bar, live sub counts displays the live subscriber count of the youtube channel in realtime.

When you click show real subscribe count button, our tool pings the channel and reads the real subscriber count on channel searched.

Please note that YouTube is a registered trademark of Google and we do comply with Google terms and policies to operate this tool.

Are Youtube Subscriber displayed real ?

Yes, the YouTube subscriber counted by our tool are real youtube subscriber. If you see different subscriber count displayed on the channel, possibilities are they are fake. Although this is not our claim; or intent to state so in any way.

Best way to get help regarding your channel an youtube related queries is through this youtube forum.

Gaining early traction on YouTube can be difficult. However, it is always advocated and ideal to use organic ways to grow your channel. I can’t stress enough on this, for long-term benefits of building your community. You can still boost your growth by collaborating and actively participating in the YouTube community by giving relevant comments on channels and videos you love.

How to share your Sub Count?

You can share live sub count with your friends and follower on social media with three options.

Share Live Sub Count of your channel:

You can use the share button beneath the live subscriber count to share the real-time count on facebook and twitter

Embed the real-time subscriber counter:

You can embed the iframe code to display the subscriber count in realtime on your website or blogs sidebar.

Show count in realtime on your Youtube Channel:

If you want to show live subscriber count in the video, pre-recorded or live, you will have to shoot the live screen with a camera or with a screen recorder. Both of the options work fine to share the video on Youtube. Although we recommend live screen recorder for a better result (it has a bit of learning turn but it worth it)

How can you increase your subscriber count?

Best way to increase subscriber count is through natural and google friendly way. By this, I mean, promote you channel the way any normal humans would do, without using bots and misleading google algorithms. It is the best way to grow your channel. YouTube love if you bring real traffic to your channel, and YouTube creator support team works hard for you if you show constant efforts from your side. It is what I can say after attending youtube events and what I have heard from successful YouTubers. Eventually, it is the best practice for a long run.

If you want to learn the top five secrets; of growing the youtube sub count legitimately read the book at the end of this page. It is the outcome of what I have learned from top marketers and Youtube Creators in the past five years. I am using the same strategy to build my new YouTube channel.

The second option if you already have a channel, a shout out on the feather page of Live Sub Count can gain you extra traction. Although we don't guarantee you will achieve so an so any subscribers; that would be a false claim. Furthermore, I would also recommend staying away from whomsoever claims to give you a guarantee. The subscribers are people, and we cannot manipulate what they like and decide to take action to like, share the awesome videos you make and subscribe to your channel. It is just like deciding on which movie to watch.

Get more resource from youtube’s very own academy, so far it is the best place to gain insights from the support team at YouTube to learn.

If you are ready to take your youtube career to the next level; the following step might help you through the YouTube Journey. You can read the book by Tim Schmoyer and also hire him to consult regarding your YouTube channel.

Who can use YouTube Sub Count tool?

Live sub count tool is ad-free and best real-time subscriber tool you can use to share with your audience. It is well designed and bug-free and without pop-up ads.

It is ideal for the creator who wants to see realtime subscribe count while promoting their channel. Eventually, It is a perfect option if you are mentioned in a big magazine by the editor or journalist recently. Alternatively, if you have participated in a live event where your YouTube channel is attending, Live Sub Count is the best way to track the growth of your YouTube channel in real-time. Eventually, it is also the best tool to share new milestones of your subscriber counter with your community.

Moreover, also provides an option to engage with a broader audience using our ShoutOut product. Every day 12 shoutouts are featured on the front page of the counter. The live subscriber counter exclusively for YouTube community, hence chances are you might get in front of people who would like to engage with your channel or even collaborate with you. We can also showcase your youtube sub count on special request. It is also an excellent tool to cross yourself on various social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Although due to limited availability Shoutouts are sold in presale and are limited to 372 shoutouts per month.

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